About Us

The Team Behind Time Off.

Max Frenzel and John Fitch are the co-authors of the international bestseller "Time Off." The global audience has been requesting additional tools and services to implement the core ideas found in the book, so they decided to build a business to help. Max got his Ph.D. in Quantum Physics and has been an AI researcher. John is an entrepreneur, investor, and business coach. At breaking points in their work experiences, they realized that many of the commonly held beliefs around "always working" aren't useful, but destructive. As a result, they decided to be more intentional and deliberate with their approaches to work and time off. Their quality of work and life has improved ever since, and they now want to share that transformation with others. The illustrations you see across our site and products were created by our illustrator and artist Mariya Suzuki.

For speaking opportunities, get in touch with us:

john@timeoff.co max@timeoff.com