Time Off Courses


In 90 minutes, we will show you how to design your rest ethic and prevent burnout.

Key skills taught in the course:

  • Identify what you want to subtract, add, and refine in your life to create more space for quality time off
  • How time off is essential for the creative process and continuous improvement
  • Understand what leads to burnout and how to prevent it from happening


"I really enjoyed the course. It has helped me analyze what I can subtract from my day-to-day, and what I can now add that brings greater value and purpose."

- Samantha Lee, Learning & Development | GitLab

"This course gave me practical steps for building out my rest ethic. The use of analogies was helpful in understanding the Time Off concepts(Inhale vs. Exhale, etc). I felt connected to the speakers in a personable/empathetic way."

- Josh Zimmerman, Learning & Development | GitLab

This course will help you design your own rest ethic.